Andre Royo

The man who played Bubbles on 'The Wire' talks to veteran entertainment journalist Karu F. Daniels about this roller coaster
Several cast members of the HBO series "The Wire," which chronicled the Baltimore Police Department and the city of Baltimore
A number of former castmembers gathered in a Martha's Vineyard backyard Friday, hoping to raise some money for the Obama
This is the most important video you will see all day... NO, all year. "The Wire" is BACK, y'all. And this time you can sing
Racism in the Army during WWII. Who thinks about this? Who talks about this? Yet segregation was thriving in war torn skies
But while there are some incredible meaty roles for actresses out there, they're certainly not the majority. Enter WET, or
Hell, boil the message of The Wire down to one word: appearances. More important than doing the job is the appearance of a job well done.