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As risks have evolved from being phenomenological occurrences in the natural world, the twenty-first century is in many ways the era of man-made risk and man-stoked fires.
If managing risk were based solely--or even primarily--on past data and experience, and if risk managers and decision makers were unable to adapt to the underlying conditions that define risk, the game would be over before it began.
But the physician didn't inform aviation authorities or the airline about Andreas Lubitz's illness, a report has found.
In previous crashes, a second pilot has not been able to take control back from a suicidal pilot.
May 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday announced that a joint government-industry group
Are you a fearful flyer? Many travelers admit to some level of uneasiness associated with air travel and, odds are, you may be feeling a bit more anxious than usual since the recent Germanwings plane crash involving a suicidal co-pilot.
France's air accident investigation agency released an interim report that explains Andreas Lubitz unexpectedly reduced flight altitude for several minutes on another flight the same day of the fatal crash.
To scapegoat and stigmatize people with psychological problems may discourage them from seeking treatment and result in a backlash including the occurrence of an increased incidence of violent episodes.
These findings suggest that mental illness is neither a sufficient nor necessary cause of violence. Rather, like the rest of the population, a nexus of variables must be considered when attempting to predict something as complex as human behavior.
Countless media outlets have speculated strongly that mental illness -- particularly depression -- may have been the cause of the Germanwings tragedy. Here's why this troubling: It highlights the media's -- and by extension our society's -- tendency to view mental health difficulties as permanent.
It's dangerous to let our understandable outrage at the senseless loss of life cloud the harsh reality that it's time for us to accept that this outwardly healthy "boy next door" co-pilot from a quaint village in Germany could be our son, our next door neighbor, our father -- he could even be us.
All 150 people on board the Germanwings flight died in the crash, including 144 passengers and six crew members. A French
Do your part to not perpetuate myths and the stigma around mental illnesses. Do not link an isolated tragedy to all mental
Two European publications are reporting that there is cell phone video taken from inside the Germanwings A320 aircraft that shows the flight's final moments聽but French investigators are calling it a hoax.
It's a huge misgiving to solely place blame on "suicidal tendencies" during horrendous events like the Germanwings crash, because it conflates suicide with the intention to hurt other people.
I want to propose two paths for protecting the public as well as protecting people with serious mental illnesses. They call for real time performance information on those entrusted with our safety.
When I read this, I had a "stigma alarm" go off in my mind - a concern about misunderstanding of depression by the general
A las 10:38 horas el avi贸n ya se encontraba a 4,000 pies de altura, la respiraci贸n de Lubitz se escuchaba normal. Dos minutos