andrew edlin

Manhattan's art scene is one that fluctuates and migrates. Watching it over time, it starts to look like a natural process, like herding patterns, or erosion.
Meet the people who are changing the shape of the American art world.
Outsider art has always been tricky to define. Simply put, an outsider artist is one who is self-taught and thus removed
With storied precision, an open narrative takes charge: a sophisticated walrus in a red blazer dotes over a woman amidst a congregation of exotic birds and mammals representing far-flung geographical habitats (arctic, jungle, etc.) and therefore journey.
Outsider Art is no longer on the fringe, but it still takes a special soul and wanting to see and understand to truly stand in front of these works and grasp what is often beyond straightforward aesthetic understanding.
For me, that is true art. The artist becomes a kind of healer/shaman; and we who finally have access to these miraculous pieces, become initiated into worlds which take us places we have never been before.