Andrew Jarecki

Like millions of other Americans earlier this year, I found myself riveted by HBO's six-part documentary series, The Jinx. Part way through the penultimate episode, the story took an unexpected turn, to the far reaches of Humboldt County in the northwest corner of the Golden State.
In an era where TV crime dramas have become increasingly implausible, shows like The Jinx and Serial have brought a much needed dose of reality to American living rooms and earbuds.
Post-Jinx, amongst yellowed copies of LA Weekly, and a Gold Record of Paul Anka and Odia Coates' disgraceful single "(You're) Having My Baby," I found a 1964 photo of me and my bunkmates. Standing behind us was our counselor, Robert Durst.
The rise of the “cork-boarder.” The past decade or so has witnessed the rise of a genre of television (and podcasts) that
The main question I've been asked since The Jinx bowed last Sunday is why do people in trouble feel the compulsion to go on camera -- I'll call it "dursting" -- when nothing good can come from it?
'Serial' and 'The Jinx' have captivated audiences, and these stories represent a groundbreaking year for journalism as entertainment.
The director of HBO’s docu-series “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” discusses the shocking final moments of the show’s finale.
Former Galveston, Texas, judge Susan Criss stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday to talk about Robert Durst and "The Jinx." Criss
Andrew Jarecki, who directed "The Jinx" and interviewed Durst, appeared on Monday's "Good Morning America" and "CBS This
Bringing true-crime reenactments to prestige TV, "The Jinx" employs newspaper headlines, diary excerpts, investigative footage
Bitching and moaning about the immensity of the newspaper of record, the way its cornucopia of offerings chewed into his
In an Oscar-worthy performance as a doomed young woman whose disappearance 18 years ago remains a mystery, Andrew Jarecki's creation is like a true-life novelization that would make Truman Capote jealous.
The only question about Ryan Gosling this awards season is: Which of his two astonishingly detailed performances will win him the nomination?