andrew kreisberg

Variety reports that 19 sources have accused Andrew Kreisberg of inappropriate behavior on the sets of his hit TV shows.
Kreisberg: Yeah. Oliver in the pilot was as much the Green Arrow as he'll ever be, expertise-wise. The show is really an
Berlanti noted that David Singh, a gay DC Comics character, will be part of the "Flash" TV universe: He will recur on the
Haynes said that the Black Canary will soon become "a main focal point" for both Roy and Laurel in upcoming episodes. "[Roy
He won't be entering "Arrow" with powers, but will he be leaving with powers? Kreisberg: That's part of the fun for the audience
Let's talk a little bit about your role on "Arrow," since it sounds like your character is pivotal to the story. Yeah, that
I know that you have China White [a South Pacific drug cartel leader from the "Year One" comic who will be played by Kelly
Berlanti and Guggenheim worked with Kreisberg on "Eli Stone," and it's not the first time the trio has been linked with a