Andrew Lloyd Webber

Anderson Cooper was left visibly confused over Donald Trump’s rally playlist.
The composer's son, Nicholas Lloyd Webber, died of stomach cancer in March. He was 43.
Nicholas Lloyd Webber, eldest son of Andrew Lloyd Webber, died Saturday following a protracted battle with gastric cancer and pneumonia.
The "Phantom of the Opera" composer will miss the Broadway premiere of his new musical to be with family.
The legendary composer said that when he saw the film he just thought, "Oh, God, no."
The man formerly in charge of the nuclear codes apparently needed show tunes to "pull him from the brink of rage."
"There comes a point when we really can’t go on anymore," the "Phantom of the Opera” composer said.
The composer of the stage original bared his claws about screen adaptation.
The pop star flexes her chops, and a hint of an English accent, in "Beautiful Ghosts."
The movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway smash stars James Corden and Taylor Swift as fancy-footed felines.