Andrew Lloyd Webber

The movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway smash stars James Corden and Taylor Swift as fancy-footed felines.
The “All of Me” singer tied with Robert Lopez as the youngest person to receive an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.
The three men reached that pinnacle with their Emmy award-winning work on "Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert."
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber takes in productions of his musicals that are unlike any he has seen before.
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. Webber has the distinction of having four musicals currently on Broadway
For those of you who don't know, Cats: The Musical is back on Broadway. That's right, Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1982 smash hit
Along with providing the only tension of the evening, the character of Grizabella also inspires the most frustration with
Comparisons to the original long-running 1982 musical, Cats, will be inevitable, but even if you have never seen Cats before
It's undoubtedly coincidence that Cats arrives on cats' feet just after the national political conventions have concluded
This did not explain how Bernice, who was not appreciably smarter than Ramona, hoisted herself onto the roof of our two-story
The off-Broadway show was forced to cut six songs after Webber threatened legal action.
I personally found the broadcast a disappointment, but the season was very strong and that did come across. Kudos to On Your
That dream to be on stage has been in place since Brightman was a child. When he was eight, he saw his first Broadway show
An audience is the final touch of magic that truly distinguishes live entertainment from film and television. The house lights dim and every individual in a plush theatre seat blurs together, becoming a unified mass intent on experiencing one story.
At Café Carlyle this week, Katherine Jenkins' magnificent voice fills the intimate room with Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah