Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano predicts this isn't going to work out the way they're hoping.
Andrew Napolitano's op-ed accused Trump of raising "a terrifying specter" with his attacks on four congresswomen of color.
Andrew Napolitano says the president would be committing a crime if he accepted an offer of dirt on a rival from a foreign power.
The network's legal analyst also said the special counsel's comments Monday were "180 degrees" from Attorney General Bill Barr's summary of Mueller's report.
Andrew Napolitano accused the president of violating the separation of powers three times in the last week.
Andrew Napolitano says the Mueller report shows a pattern of obstruction attempts by the president.
The Fox News judicial analyst had some bleak news for President Trump.
CNN hosts also criticized Trump’s disparaging remarks about the late Arizona senator.
Andrew Napolitano says a bombshell New York Times report could be big trouble for the president.
Andrew Napolitano says Trump "can’t spend money and he can’t take property unless the Congress has authorized it."
The president "ought to have known what Michael Flynn was up to at the time," the analyst said.
Andrew Napolitano also said the president will be speaking with Mueller one way or another.
“If you do this as part of a scheme, to try to hide it, then it’s not a civil wrong, then it’s a crime," the Fox News senior judicial analyst said.
“Under the law, the person running the Department of Justice must have been approved by the United States Senate for some previous position."
The Supreme Court's rulings "depend on intellectual legitimacy," Fox News' senior judicial analyst said.
Andrew Napolitano believes the president has reason to worry after the release of a secretly recorded tape.
The former judge ruthlessly laid into the group of lawyers advising the president.
“Bob Mueller has no duty to tip his hand and show his cards until the end of his investigation," Andrew Napolitano said.
"Mr. President, please be wary of all of this," Andrew Napolitano said.