Andrew R. Wheeler

Animal advocates praised the Environmental Protection Agency's plan, but an environmental group condemned it as a gift to the chemical industry.
Trump reportedly told EPA head Andrew Wheeler to grant 31 waivers exempting refineries from using corn-based ethanol.
Federalism is sacrosanct for conservatives, that is, unless a state wants to set stricter pollution rules or protect minorities' civil rights.
Republican Christine Todd Whitman said Trump knows he's "on shaky ground" going into the 2020 election.
The Massachusetts senator took a shot at EPA chief Andrew Wheeler as she outlined a clear-eyed vision for curbing climate change.
The administration wants to tackle environmental crises like unsafe drinking water and extreme wildfire. But it won’t talk about that one key driver.
Lead exposure can impair brain function and cause miscarriages, and yet millions of lead pipes remain in use.
Andrew Wheeler, a former coal industry lobbyist, has regularly downplayed the threat of climate change.
The former coal lobbyist now leads the Environmental Protection Agency after the longest stint as acting chief in the agency's four-decade history.
The Maine lawmaker is the first Republican senator to oppose the former coal lobbyist's confirmation.
It's better than nothing, but former EPA officials warn the agency is putting "the health of millions of Americans at risk."
David Dunlap, a deputy in the EPA's Office of Research and Development, worked for chemical giant Koch Industries for more than eight years.
Andrew Wheeler repeatedly lauded the president for declining greenhouse gas emissions. Then they spiked.
The former coal lobbyist's view of climate change hasn't changed much over the last two years.
The 166 cases referred for prosecution in the last fiscal year is the lowest number since 1988.
The former coal lobbyist and longest-serving acting chief in the EPA's history is set to become its 15th administrator.
Officials in acting roles, including a trio of industry allies, currently lead several federal agencies. Trump said it allows for “more flexibility.”
The Environmental Protection Agency had run on spare funding after the shutdown began. Now there are plans to furlough workers and prioritize high-risk projects.