Andrew Ross Sorkin

Twitter users compared the former Starbucks CEO to failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush.
One Twitter user sagely noted, "If Howard Schultz doesn’t want to be called a billionaire, there’s an easy solution for that."
Andrew Ross Sorkin's portrayal of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as the innocent and beleaguered victim of "writers, editors and bloggers" is likely to stand as a cautionary tale, a warning for future generations about what happens when financial journalists lose their objectivity.
I've been hard pressed to identify mainstream news outlets that qualify as bastions of true liberalism, actively devoted to advancing basic liberal principles such as racial and economic equality. I was reminded of this upon reading a recent column by Andrew Ross Sorkin.
The Simpson-Bowles personal profit tour reveals that for them, for their creation -- the speciously labeled Campaign to Fix the Debt -- and for the CEOs, right-wing groups and Republicans rallying round them, the effort has nothing to do with deficits or fixing anything.
"Inundated with demand, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. plans to stop taking orders for shares of Facebook Inc. on Thursday, and
We took some of the best picks from the web and combined them with our own to come up with what we think is the the definitive
Stewart started the interview off with a bit of humor, stalling after he welcomed the youthful Sorkin on the show, telling