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And the Times' defense of Jeong tells Asian-Americans our anger is merited.
“We can't maintain the pretense that Trump is a sane and balanced adult, however much we'd like to,” says Andrew Sullivan.
"Nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic."
I'll write and work and vote for Hillary Clinton against Trump this fall, but not because I've been told that corporate money in elections and the marketization of everything aren't dissolving our citizenship and democracy
The blogging pioneer will post frequently during the Republican and Democratic conventions, but otherwise plans to focus on long-form writing.
New York Magazine announced Friday that Sullivan has joined the magazine as a contributing editor covering "politics and
In 2016, politicians and pundits will certainly continue to pontificate about the pitfalls of political correctness. There just isn't any downside to attacking this imaginary monster of groupthink, so we can expect to hear speakers trumpeting their own courage in "not being pc" as they attack especially vulnerable groups in society.
We are not a complacent generation, so let's not let the recent Supreme Court decision make us complacent about civil rights and safe spaces for anyone else who is still struggling to thrive in a society where they are not always treated as equal.
It's almost too incredible to believe: it took under 50 years for us to go from the Stonewall Riots, the foundation of the modern LGBT equality movement, to national marriage equality. How did that happen -- and who's responsible?
That conservatives such as Gerson didn't notice it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Gay couples have been fighting for the right to marry for decades; it isn't some new fad. It was happening before any "public intellectual" was willing to take a stand on the issue.
As Gandhi never quite said, "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win." Read more
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