andrew wakefield

It only takes one scary true story to turn an already fearful parent off vaccines.
"The Pathological Optimist" explores Andrew Wakefield's reputation in the wake of his discredited science.
The documentary's director was stripped of his doctor's license and accused of falsifying a study.
By David Mills The political arena isn’t the only place where “fake news” is being debated. Scientists are now speaking out
Don't give an ignorant bully the power to make decisions about our children and their futures.
Fears have fueled the theory that vaccinations are linked to autism, in spite of research to the contrary. Studies conducted
As I take a little time out now as World Autism Awareness Day rolls around again and look back at the year in autism, both around the world and in my own home, I'm trying not worry.
The documentary will premiere Friday at the Angelika FiIm Center in New York City.
As the dust settles, it becomes increasingly clear that the Tribeca Film Festival organizers made a terrible decision to
"We do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for."