Andrew Wheeler

A proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency would require almost all scientific studies to submit their raw data so that the agency can decide whether they agree with the conclusions. But confidentiality agreements would prevent many studies from being submitted at all.
The Environmental Protection Agency is being run by several climate change skeptics — including Andrew Wheeler, the current head of the organization.
Murray Energy worked for Wheeler for years. Now that he's Trump's EPA nominee, the coal producer ended its contract with Wheeler's old lobbying firm.
The Obama-era rule prevented coal-fired power plants from releasing mercury into the atmosphere.
“It looks as if Team Trump will make it one in a row for the environment. Or as the French say, even the blind pig sometimes finds the truffle!”
The "Late Night" host is not optimistic that things will get better for the environment.
Four Democrats requested the Office of Government Ethics investigate meetings between Scott Pruitt's replacement and his former clients.
Yet another problem Andrew Wheeler is inheriting from former Administrator Scott Pruitt.