Andrew Wyeth

Quirky Fact: Puffins, those adorable black and white yellow-billed birds, were once prevalent in the Gulf of Maine until
I captured this self-portrait, titled "Wading Through," at King Family Vineyards in rural Crozet, Virginia. When I asked the owner, James King, about the field's status, he indicated that it had peaked two weeks earlier, on July 12th. He could not have known that was also my 50th birthday.
Out of 30 U.S. cities named Greenville, it's the one in the heart of South Carolina's upcountry that stands out and makes you say, "Yeah, that Greenville". As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Greenville, South Carolina has a flourishing and revitalized downtown filled with boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and more.
In the mid 1970s, when I was an avid hitchhiker, Andrew Wyeth's son, Jamie, an iconic artist in his right, offered me a lift to my parents' home in Frazer, Pennsylvania.
With 38,000 square feet of exhibition space, it's small by museum standards. The Colby Museum's significance comes from both the outsized role that Maine has played in the history of American art.
I'm not qualified to tell you if LeRoy Neiman was a "serious" artist or not, but I'm glad he managed to enjoy his art for 91 years and that the rest of us were able to enjoy it as well.
We know that you've probably read an artist's biography or two, but have you ever read artists' own account of their lives
He noted that an "original print, where an artist himself worked on it," has a longer lasting value than a photographic reproduction
A society that does not encourage mastery gets mostly average performance. For our children, for ourselves, and for our future, we need more.
According to Wilbur and Garrett, he visited Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keefe, and Rene Magritte among others. Find him in our