Thank you, Prince, for putting your royal personhood, your many gifts, on display so that all who chose to could be graced by them. Your work, your shamanhood and your priesthood, will continue long, long after your death. Beauty does not die nor should it.
I guess you could say he was a sex fiend. Prince -- who died on April 21st, 2016 at the young age of 57 -- dedicated a lot of musical acreage on most of his albums to unabashed sexual expression.
David Bowie was beautiful in the most untraditional ways. I was drawn to his whimsy, his edges, his charisma, as much as I was to his piercing eyes and alluring smile. I've had a crush on him forever. When I heard that he'd died, I felt my chest tighten and I cried; I felt a thread of my own fabric pulled.
Ace Rivington founder Beau Lawrence describes his line as "the embodiment of today's American man," so the decision to cast this duo demonstrates Ace Rivington's efforts in dismantling normative notions about masculinity and "menswear."
Androgyny is not something often considered beautiful, so for Ruby Rose to redefine beauty and still have mass appeal is very exciting. But it does raise questions over why some gender non-conformity is celebrated while other forms are ridiculed or ignored.
The Huffington Post chatted with Dove this week about her thoughts surrounding visibility, her experiences in the fashion
Somewhat associated with her fascination with mirrors, Henri also toyed with her own identity, revamping her persona with
The dandy life is a life of self-sculpted independence, eschewing the heteronormative goals of marriage and children. Wallace's