To start with, you need to start taking more responsibility for your own health care needs.
It doesn't mean you need millions of dollars to be happy though. If you want to do great things with your life, you're going
Baby boomers, how fast does time move for you? That is a tough and very complicated question.
Isn't it time for us to start talking openly about it?
In thinking deeper about this subject, I figured it was time to analyze whether or not I was genuinely organized and, if not, how could I get to the right level of orderly arrangement in my life. Where do we start?
Bottom line: these were people willing to help other people. A "bucket list," if you will, that is fully interactive with
The andropausal man and the post-menopausal woman are more alike than any other time in their adult lives. This is when, with a bit of work, they can make peace with their partners, recall shared history, experience love in a new way and make relevant how it relates to the parts of their lives that they actively care about.
Have you gotten tired yet hearing how broken down and dysfunctional we have all become in our advancing years? If we are smart, we except our shortcomings, find a way to overcome them and move on with living our lives to the fullest.
Who knew men have menopause?! Well it is actually called andropause. Hallelujah ladies, we are not the only gender that goes through menopause!
HP: What's the diagnostic process and treatment like? Raskin: We run a screening blood test and testosterone levels are low
Men should use this time to uncover their authentic selves, to discover their passions and hidden talents, to enjoy greater honesty and depth in their relationships, to become more emotionally aware, to revel in hedonistic and sensual lovemaking, and to confidently share the wisdom they have accrued over the years.
I think of my own life in my 40's and 50's as being pretty stressful. It didn't occur to me that everyone else in the world was going through the same things.
In 1944, researchers Carl Heller and Gordon Myers identified symptoms of what they termed "male climacteric," another word for menopause; these included loss of libido, depression, inability to concentrate, and sometimes hot flashes.
The anti-aging industry has gone wild diagnosing men with nonspecific and virtually ubiquitous symptoms with dubious hormonal deficiencies, which they then proceed to treat at great expense.
It may be the cultural norm to venerate youth and marginalize aging but, as men, we can decide to act apart from the crowd. We can decide to accept the consequences of age without equating them as loss.
Alexander is, on paper and otherwise, a success. He has degrees from two Ivy League schools. He runs his own consulting business
Today's Post50s are breaking the mold when it comes to sex at midlife. Once upon a time, an older woman in touch with her
We've all been inundated with images of the midlife crisis: Harley-mounted, silver-haired 50-somethings riding off (reluctantly