Andy Beshear

Democrat Andy Beshear is increasingly frustrated with Republican efforts to block his measures to slow the spread.
Her cause of death has not yet been released.
Business owner David McAtee was shot and killed as police responded to a curfew violation in the Kentucky city.
Mayor Greg Fischer fired the city's police chief after learning officers involved did not activate their body cameras during the incident.
Terry Bush demonstrated at a Sunday rally against Gov. Andy Beshear's restrictions toward curbing the spread of the coronavirus.
They were accusing Gov. Andy Beshear of tyranny for his efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic.
The 26-year-old first responder was fatally shot by police in her own home.
The best way Americans can support front-line community workers, Pelosi said, is to make sure they don't lose their jobs to budget cuts.
Beshear incorrectly assumed that the claim filed by a Lexington cook with the same name as the iconic rapper was a prank, but has vowed to get this Shakur the money he needs.
The GOP-controlled legislature overrode Gov. Andy Beshear's (D) veto.