Andy Biggs

A claim by the Donald Trump-loving Arizona Republican was quickly debunked by C-SPAN anchor Greta Brawner.
The House panel referred McCarthy, the House GOP leader, and others to the House ethics committee for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas.
The conservative Arizona Republican says his speaker bid will open the door for a mystery third candidate.
Biggs, an Arizona Republican who helped organize the rally that preceded the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, blasted McCarthy as the "establishment" pick.
Twitter users called out the Arizona Republican over the comment alluding to the brutal assault on the House speaker's husband.
The Parkland, Florida, mass shooting survivor interrupted a House hearing after Rep. Andy Biggs said more guns are needed due to a migrant "invasion."
The Jan. 6 committee previously identified Rep. Andy Biggs (Ariz.) as a GOP congressman who sought a presidential pardon following the Jan. 6 attack.
Lawsuits seeking to disqualify Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs and state Rep. Mark Finchem allege that they are ineligible to hold office because they participated in an insurrection.
GOP Rep. Andy Biggs seemed angry after the U.S. Border Patrol intercepted “fentanyl to kill 238 million Americans” at the southern border.
Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona seemed angry that "enough fentanyl to kill 238 million Americans was seized at the southern border last month."