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Internet memes are everywhere. And as the 2020 presidential election approaches, candidates and voters alike are creating and sharing even more of them. But do online memes really have the power to affect our politics?
Andy Campbell plays with a Lamprey
February 13 doesn't get as much attention as Lincoln's Birthday which falls the day before, or Valentine's Day, the day after, but it's a weirdly significant day for weird news lovers.
Ricky and HuffPost Weird News Editor Andy Campbell take a tour through 'Killer,' a haunted house based on real-life serial killers.
Back in June, The Huffington Post, the Daily Caller and the Guardian , among other sites, reported that a group of junior
Eyeball licking has been around at least since the mid-2000s and a simple YouTube search brings up hundreds of videos from
We understand that at HuffPost Weird News. We understand why products like Baconlube are so titillating, and why we lick
Media, like language, are processes through which information is stored, accessed and presented in certain ways to the relative exclusion (mastery) of others.
Now you can finally attain the ultimate facial: Adult website Naughty America rolled out a tool on Monday that'll show you
Most dumb criminals are just desperate people screwing up royally on the single worst day of their life. In one way or another