Andy Coulson

The article, written by Michael Wolff, appeared in April 2014, when the trial of former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and others had been running for over three months.
The publisher of GQ magazine has been found guilty of contempt of court over a “very seriously prejudicial” article about
The scandal caused ripples throughout Britain and prompted Rupert Murdoch to shutter the paper in 2011. At the sentencing
In a dramatic ending to a months-long trial, former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was convicted of conspiring to hack phones, while Rebekah Brooks, another former editor and one of Rupert Murdoch's closest confidantes, was cleared of all charges.
In a statement, a spokesman for News UK tried to move on from the day's events. Coulson now faces up to two years in prison
The jury is expected to produce its verdict sometime in June. On Wednesday, lead prosecutor Andrew Edis began his summing
Cameron faced questions over his own judgment in appointing Coulson when the paper was shut in July 2011 and has said he
The court heard that on April 13, Kuttner contacted Surrey Police to say the News of the World had possession of recordings
"Both a conspirator and victim at the same time? The two things do not sit easily together do they," he told the jury. Coulson
Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, the two biggest names in the ongoing trial over phone hacking, had an affair for at least
We look at some of the top stories of the hour including Harry Reid bringing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to vote, an anti-shutdown bill being floated, the phone hacking trial of two former Murdoch execs in London & more!
There is a way to prevent government shutdowns. A change in U.S. law would keep federal workers on the job and ensure that treasured sites like the Statue of Liberty and Yosemite stay open during a budget fight, instead of becoming political pawns.
Coulson had left the Sunday tabloid in 2007 to become the media spokesman for Cameron before quitting in January 2011, saying
In her heyday, she enjoyed close friendships with senior politicians including Cameron. Brooks, who after leaving the News
Coulson, looking relaxed in a dark suit, stood for less than five minutes in the dock at London's Southwark Crown Court to
Facing a public backlash, Murdoch closed the mass-selling Sunday title last year and formed an internal committee to cooperate
As the currents continue to pull at the foundations of Murdoch's empire, it's only a matter of time before the News Corp. scandal becomes an American story.
In Europe, where authorities' efforts have been more energetic, Google was forced to admit that its cars were drawing in material from households' unencrypted WiFi networks -- having at first denied it. Or rather claimed in Germany that it was a software programming mistake.
O'Donnell, a politically neutral civil servant, said SC vetting had been appropriate. He said the aim of DV vetting was to