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I recently sat down with Jim Ireton, former Mayor of Salisbury, who is running against Andy Harris (R-MD) the current Congressperson in Maryland's 1st Congressional District.
Prohibition and the modern Drug War, banning these drugs causes many more problems than it solves. Once people consider marijuana laws through the lens of tobacco and alcohol policy, it's obvious that when it comes to drugs that are regulated instead of criminalized, two is not enough.
The spending bill represents a last-minute effort by Congress to prevent a government shutdown after funding expires Thursday
Harris represents Maryland's 1st congressional district. GOP Rep. Andy Harris (Md.) defeated Democrat Bill Tilghman in Tuesday's
Paul Ryan is attempting to address poverty, once again. What he's really doing is trolling the media to write "compassionate conservative" columns about him (which, so far, doesn't seem to be working very well), to bolster his chances to get the Republican presidential nomination.
The interaction came at the close of an hour during which Reigrut met with small groups of protesters in the reception area
Marijuana advocates argue, however, that legalizing the drug could have benefits related specifically to teen pot use. Tom
Since the LA Times piece went to print, the DEA and other Drug Warriors lost skirmishes -- and even a few battles -- in the war on marijuana politics literally every single day:
The Obama administration believes marijuana policy is a states' rights issue, the White House said Monday in opposing Republican-led legislation that would prevent Washington, D.C., from using federal funds to decriminalize marijuana possession.
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration believes marijuana policy is a states' rights issue, the White House said Monday in
Gray has also scuffled with Harris over the issue, telling him on Twitter last month to butt out of D.C.'s affairs. Some
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) isn't backing down from his campaign to stop the District of Columbia from decriminalizing
The new decriminalization statute takes the place of old laws. But if Congress passes another law disallowing its enforcement
"While the substance of his amendment is outrageous, I at least appreciate Rep. Harris admitting during the debate that voting
"That Rep. Harris would offer this amendment shows how far out of touch he is with voters and leaders in his own state of
Medical marijuana advocates are turning up the heat on House lawmakers who last week voted against an amendment to block the Drug Enforcement Administration from cracking down on state-legal medical marijuana shops and patients.
The appropriations measure prohibiting the DEA from spending funds to arrest state-licensed medical marijuana patients and
Five states -- Arkansas, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and Virginia -- currently provide small-donor tax credits, refunds or deductions
The bill follows the release of the book Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes and Line Their Own Pockets
OFA, which manages the president's Twitter account, took to social media early this week to begin gearing up for Tuesday's