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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper was avant in a world that that was usually painted as low-brow and boorishly unironic by the bourgeoisie, an anarchist in a world where almost nothing was legit.
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Kaufman’s writing partner, Bob Zmuda says 35-year-old Kaufman faked his own death in 1984 and will be returning sometime in the near future.
What's at stake goes beyond karma or even dharma. In the material world, if such a world exists, sect officials are hoping
When Andy and I were 10 or 11, we, along with his kid brother Mike (a star softball pitcher) and my younger brothers Jeff
People gawked at him, pointed at him, called his name and shook his hand. One sang out the Mighty Mouse tag line: "Here I come to save the day!" Andy took it in graciously, but he clearly would rather have been unrecognizable.
The moment that David Brenner went on stage, the audience went nuts. As the comedians would say, he killed. His act was flawless, and Brenner soon became a regular performer at the club.
There's no question that 2013 was the year of the Internet hoax. Let's take a look back at why we won't believe anything
The comedian's brother, Michael Kaufman, appeared on CNN\on Thursday, where he told host Jake Tapper that he believes he is the victim of a hoax meant to trick him into believing that Andy is still alive and father to a 24-year-old woman.
UPDATE: Everyone can calm down. Andy Kaufman's 24-year-old "daughter" is in fact Alexandra Tatarsky, a 23-year-old actress
Once upon a time, some iconoclastic comic actors and wildly original writers were assembled to copy a hit TV show's style, and despite format limits, managed to distinguish themselves in bleeding edge ways.
Some record companies had Christmas parties. Having survived four years as a label, we decided to celebrate by throwing a Hanukkah party, on Monday, December 14, 1981, at At My Place in Santa Monica.
As he rides through his 1,500-acre ranch, with some of the men he ordered into combat, does he feel responsible for their injuries? Does he second-guess the decisions that led to the war in Iraq?
In this week’s issue of Huffington, we spend three days with George W. Bush, who reflects on fame, obscurity and whether
Mel Sherer and Andy Kaufman were writing partners for a very long time. Not Kaufman's only partner, but significant, and integral to his career
In this story, the cancer-ridden body in the casket, which mourners whispered pleas to at the wake, was not Kaufman's, but
In Concrete Comedy, David Robbins is interested in comedy that engages with the real world. One of his main examples of such an approach is Andy Kaufman. In effect, Robbins is our ambassador in the world of Andy; he allows us to see the artist behind the performance.
Late one weeknight, after I had finished my set, I collected my cab fare at Catch A Rising Star, and hung out looking for a comic to share a ride to the Improvisation. I joined Bobby Kelton and Andy Kaufman (two fellow comics) at a table in the back of the showroom.
"There probably was no one more combative than Larry David, nor courageous. He bombed more than anyone, because of the nature of his material, which was way offbeat, borderline insane."
LA YouTuber Trisha Paytas has become something of an Internet sensation after she gave her official endorsement to presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a video this past week.