andy richter

“When he just put them back up I decided f**k it, I’m tweeting."
A complete archive of the original “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” will arrive January 2019.
The FatBat frightens you into achieving tough fitness goals.
"Playing team sports is a great way for kids to experience getting yelled at outside of the home."
"A fun thing about having teens is how they text you from school to tell you they don't like their lunch."
"I'm going to be furious if my kids have a better life than me." -- Michael Ian Black
In a document that outlined sentencing recommendations, prosecutors said Hastert molested at least four boys from the high school he taught and coached at in the 1960s and 1970s.
"For a guy who lost his parents -- violently -- he knows how to have a good time!"
Feminism cuts both ways, and too often, men are not protected against cruelty -- especially in regards to their bodies -- in the same way women are, based on the presumption that they're men and can deal with it. This notion is, of course, deeply offensive to both genders.
The Internet was understandably baffled when a video emerged of Jason Biggs urinating on Chelsea Handler, seemingly having