Ang Lee

The actor said his late co-star "refused" to participate in an opening monologue that poked fun at the film's gay love story.
"Before The Fall" recasts Jane Austen's classic with two Virginian men.
I am making The Irishman, Marty's next movie with Bob DeNiro, who is very passionate about it. He's pushing everyone. It's
The story starts promisingly enough. Lynn and his Bravo Company are to be honored for their battlefield bravery, appearing
Joe Alwyn plays Billy and captures the nineteen-year-old's combination of innocence, bewilderment, and sensitivity to the
Ang Lee's pioneering film is visually distracting and thematically flat.
The Spanish director said his version would've had "more sex."
Bespectacled and bowtied, James Schamus introduced his movie, Indignation, his directorial debut from Philip Roth's novel
Members of the cast and crew talk about their memories of making the iconic film.