Ang Lee

"Before The Fall" recasts Jane Austen's classic with two Virginian men.
Do you think the inclusion of women would make this more a film for today's world? When I met with Gaston Pavlovich at the
The story starts promisingly enough. Lynn and his Bravo Company are to be honored for their battlefield bravery, appearing
I have looked forward to the release of the film because I thought Ben Fountain's novel was an important addition to sport
Ang Lee's pioneering film is visually distracting and thematically flat.
Bespectacled and bowtied, James Schamus introduced his movie, Indignation, his directorial debut from Philip Roth's novel
Members of the cast and crew talk about their memories of making the iconic film.
The Mt. Rushmorification of social discourse is destroying any semblance of nuanced, sophisticated analysis. And I'm right there with it, doing what I can to continue the trend.
I need a hero. It's the reason I watch films, looking for what politicians, warmongers, our so-called diplomats and those giant corporations haven't given the world yet. And probably never will.
Jake Gyllenhaal earned raves and an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a ranch hand engaged in a clandestine same-sex
Angelina Jolie ruffled some Chinese feathers after citing Taiwanese Ang Lee when asked about her favorite Chinese film directors.
Many people think that it's impossible to "make it" in the entertainment industry once they've hit a certain age. With so
It's interesting to see the way filmmakers stake out certain emotional territory as their own over the course of a career. Over the course of six films, Alexander Payne has created a body of work that focuses on the effects of and rebellion against disappointment.