Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman also chimed in on a petition about the Amazon series mistakenly addressed to Netflix.
I'm publishing this letter I received from an amazing woman named Jackie because of how deeply it inspired and moved me. Jackie
While I understand people are coming from a good place, and it's our species' nature to find answers and to use cliches as
On June 3rd, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation will be giving $10,000.00 worth of grants in ANGEL'S name to ten nonprofit rescues.
I will miss your helicopter tail that never stopped wagging, your fake sneezes, you sitting on my head and your yelling foot stomping demand for chicken treats. I will miss watching you take in the morning sun and you bounding towards people you loved seeing.
So how do we conclude this? Am I the only one that experiences the little devil on my left shoulder telling me to constantly
The talks acted as therapy sessions as his problems seemed now to slowly fade away and reduce their importance. He could
I was honored that it was me she chose to share her last breath with, that it was my face she chose as her last to gaze upon and my voice she wanted to hear lulling her gently into God's loving arms.