angel investing

A: First, I was very fortunate to build a reputation in the tech community as a successful sell-side analyst on Wall Street
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It is fashionable to criticize Twitter right now, but you will not see any of that from me. It exceeded my wildest dreams
Companies like Atlassian and Qualtrics have gotten to nine figures in ARR (and IPO'd in the case of Atlassian) without needing
First, we have to understand who typically successfully raises venture funds; and who do they raise the money from. Then
One of ANGIN's first investments was in Wangsa Jelita, a company that specializes in Indonesian-sourced personal care products
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I did win at angel investing. Barely, and I did it with a ton of advantages you probably don't have. And even I'm getting out, because I know so much of my success was luck.
Accessing debt and equity free capital. You don't have to pay interest on a loan or give up a piece of your company. Providing
Why is it harder for women entrepreneurs to get funding? I am passionate about creating a profound shift in the funding of