angela corey

Prosecutor Angela Corey made a name locking up juveniles, securing death sentences and failing to get George Zimmerman convicted.
The history of the prosecution of alleged perpetrators of violence against African American victims brought about with heavy public and political pressure hasn't been good for the alleged victims and those who conducted the prosecution.
We're in the midst of a series of high-profile trials of white Americans who fatally shot unarmed African Americans, which we are constantly told are not about race. Not only is this a losing strategy for the prosecution, but it's dishonest.
While he's no Van Gogh, George Zimmerman's first painting recently sold for $100,000 on eBay. That painting depicted an American
Duval County was where 15-year-old Brenton Butler was wrongly charged, tried, and ultimately acquitted in the beating deaths
The judge has yet to rule on whether the prosecution committed any Brady violations by not handing over evidence, as alleged
But among the more superficially interesting details gleaned from the leaked evidence came from Zimmerman’s academic record
That any individual, let alone a disabled vet who served his country and community, would be sentenced to 20 years in prison based on these facts would be funny if it weren't so sickening.
Those who demanded a criminal prosecution see themselves as righteous defenders of a victim, but they fail to realize Zimmerman is also a victim, because he's been denied the presumption of innocence to which he's entitled.