The family will be staying at Justin Welby's London residence starting next month.
The experience of diversity in unity which lies at the heart of Pentecost is found again and again in music, and, of course, music has had an important role to play in Christian worship.
Satan's best workers are those who claim to be 'Christian' and yet love to falsely discriminate in the name of Jesus. They
Rather than assuming it knows what people need, the church should ask and listen. Then, with courage and creativity, can the church strengthen once again -- purposeful and alive.
On January 14, a communiqué was released from the meeting of Anglican Primates that revealed a vote to sanction The Episcopal Church for its recent canonical changes to allow same sex marriage by limiting its participation in the Anglican Communion.
To be clear: God is not finished with the Episcopal Church yet. We have miles to go and much work to do to overcome the many systemic issues that continue to challenge us as we strive to live into our call to be the Body of Christ in the world.
Jamestown colonist may have been part of a secret Catholic group.
CANTERBURY, England (RNS) In a lengthy interview in The Times of London, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby predicted
Poet John Donne famously recognized the similarity of sexual and religious ecstasy. Born Catholic, he became an Anglican priest and the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, as well as a poet both bawdy and religious.
Simply put, I'm feeling called back to the worship of God in Christ, and I can't deny it even if I wanted to.
Catholic Bishops Conference Prayer for the Royal Wedding Prayer for school children praying for the Royal Wedding This sort
"The Christian faith is in danger of being stealthily and subtly brushed aside," he said. "This attempt to air-brush the
This past Sunday, churches in the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran traditions marked the holy day of Christ the King. Appropriately enough, it marks the end of the long Pentecost season.
The House of Lords has agreed to an amendment to the U.K. Equality Bill, which would lift the ban on same sex couples holding
The head of Kenya's Anglican Church, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, has rejected the Pope's offer to allow disaffected Anglicans
Benedict says disenfranchised rappers and Anglicans should feel at home in the Catholic Church given its unwavering stance on women and homosexuality.
Sermons, particularly if the setting is right, can invite transparency.