angus king

Raising the retirement age would be highly controversial and Congress is not likely to do so anytime soon.
The Independent criticized the closed sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court as his fellow Maine lawmaker faced heat for calling the cops over a chalk message.
Health care experts have seen that protection from the coronavirus vaccines wanes over time.
The White House is reviewing whether to provide former President Donald Trump access to the intelligence briefings he would traditionally be given.
Sen. Angus King said there's a "grave danger" of Trump revealing classified information if he receives intelligence briefings after his presidency ends.
Sen. Angus King is said to have blasted the Trump administration's failure to develop an adequate national testing regime.
Daniel Jorjani reached out to his former employer Charles Koch Foundation for advice and repeatedly met with a longtime Koch network operative.
“Two software engineers, a college professor, a lawyer, and a U.S. Senator — what could possibly go wrong?" he asked.
The Dallas Mavericks owner wades into a growing debate over rights to taxpayer-funded pharmaceutical research.