ani difranco

The veteran singer-songwriter has a new memoir out this week.
"The trans community is, has been, and will always be here, and we’re ready for whatever comes next."
“As a society, it is time to acknowledge that unless a woman is in control of her own reproduction, she is not free."
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One of the greatest joys of living in Santa Monica is the Sunday morning Farmers Market. Not only is there a vast supply of great food and organic produce but there are always wildly talented musicians playing.
t was an interesting road into the "producer's" chair for me and Saucy Monky. A.k.a. the "queen's chair" as I like to call it.
In a matter of days, "Take Down Your Flag" has become a living song. Peter Mulvey has just uploaded a video containing the chords and framework in hopes that more people will continue to grow this song and commemorate those we've lost in South Carolina.
In the wake of unspeakable terror, unthinkable violence, I am grateful for the way musicians allow themselves to feel called to put in a pin in the hustle for a livelihood and, instead, turn their gifts into opportunities to shift thought and make meaning out of what is unfathomable.
What about fans who wear sizes larger than a 3x who are seemingly shut out of the entire realm of tee shirt fandom? Should they just buy a CD and an embossed baseball cap?