animal abuse

Someone stabbed an adult male dolphin in Florida, possibly while it was in a "begging posture" at a fishing boat.
Officials also impounded 38 other dogs from the suspect's home.
The dachshund has been reunited with his owner after the horrific ordeal.
Robert Crosland said he believed he was doing the right thing by putting the sick puppy out of its misery.
She refused, but authorities say the shelter did freeze other animals alive, including four kittens.
Robert Crosland allegedly fed a dying puppy to his classroom snapping turtle in front of students.
A "pipe-type object" was thrust down some of the dogs' throats to damage their vocal cords, authorities said.
PETA says a German shepherd was mistreated during the filming of the movie "Crazy Alien."
His Air Force co-worker said Kelley told her he bought the dogs on Craigslist.
“Nobody deserves to be abused, animal or person," the victim said.
MTV declined to comment on whether Alex Kompothecras, of the show "Siesta Key," was involved in the incident.
Locals are sharing other shocking images after the original video surfaced.
Angry zoo investors pushed the animal to its death at Yancheng Wild Animal World, Chinese media reports.
A ban on dog meat in Yulin is temporary, but it signals to the world that China can change.