animal attack

It's the third animal-related death in the park since 2014.
When stumbling upon wild animals it may not always be the best idea to try to pose for a selfie.
While mountain lions engaged in threatening behavior can be trapped and relocated, wildlife officials told the Los Angeles
The animal food chain is fairly straight forward, a higher up animal preys on the lower.
Most likely not. According to Barcroft TV, the moment was captured on camera by Rene van der Schyf, who was visiting the
The tigers attacked the zoo's caretaker suddenly as he was feeding them, and his wife raised the alarm, state broadcaster
"Mountain lions don't scratch," Department Communications Manager Kirsten Macintyre told The Huffington Post. "There's a
Do sharks deserve their reputation as vicious man-eaters? Probably not. Last year in the U.S. 29 people were attacked by
"That's when a blur on my left side grabbed the lion by its throat -- turns out it was the momma bear," he said. "I heard