animal attack

It's the third animal-related death in the park since 2014.
When stumbling upon wild animals it may not always be the best idea to try to pose for a selfie.
The family was on a hiking trail near the Picchetti Winery in Cupertino, Calif., when the lion grabbed the child. Shawn Ardaiz
The animal food chain is fairly straight forward, a higher up animal preys on the lower.
Most likely not. Watch as one unlucky impala gets caught in the jaws of a hungry crocodile, mid-jump. The distraction bought
Locals had previously expressed concerns about the tigers, which were not sterilized and recently had cubs. ROME (Reuters
"We do not believe there was a mountain lion," Macintyre said. But officials at the state's Department of Fish and Game weren't
Do sharks deserve their reputation as vicious man-eaters? Probably not. Last year in the U.S. 29 people were attacked by
See the photo below He told The Huffington Post that he owes everything to that bear. Mountain lion attacks in California