animal attacks

Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke, 52, was mauled to death by two of her dogs, police said.
The kangaroo only stopped the attack after the couple's son hit it with a piece of wood.
Wa Tiba, 54, was swallowed by the reptile when she was checking on her garden.
Wildlife officials quickly tracked and killed the animal believed to have attacked the men.
There have been several recent confrontations between humans and wild animals in the country.
It's more than just "don't feed the wild carnivores." But, uh, don't feed the wild carnivores.
They estimated that the gator was approximately 10 feet long, and Matthew said that it miraculously let go of his leg after
Scary stuff, huh? How does the creature keep such a firm grip on its prey? Moray eels have a secret weapon -- a second jaw
Cavanaugh was kayaking on Irondequoit Creek in Monroe County on June 10 when the incident happened, according to witness
A police photo shared on Twitter by the Kennebec Journal shows one of the animals conquering the car: The goats were fine
After wildly running about on the roof, mauling one man and charging several others, the leopard retreated to a water tank
Why are we so afraid to let our kids play outside, when we know that such activity is vital for their physical and mental health? Our fears are so extreme that in a few cases, parents have been arrested for allowing their children to play outside unattended. My mother would have been sent to jail on an almost daily basis.
Holzwarth wrote that after a more than two-hour ordeal, the lioness had to fend off the sexual advances of some approaching
An elderly woman in Texas was found dead inside her home Monday afternoon and police suspect her son's pit bulls are responsible.
Toone tried to reach 911 for help, but couldn't complete the call due to her injury -- and her 4-year-old girls were too