The 35-pound cat's caregivers are trying to be "bodypawsitive" as he begins his weight loss journey.
Fostering dogs, I see progress every day, even after previous trauma. How many things in life can we promise will get better?
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's two-day-old baby hippo, born six weeks early, is hanging in there.  Her care team continues
Vets and animal care staff are providing round-the-clock intensive care for the baby in close proximity to Bibi and Henry
Photo credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez Penguin Cataract Surgery As time goes by, the proteins that make up the lens
We have a team at Shedd that helps counsel throughout the food creation and implementation process. This team includes veterinarians
There many people, organizations and federal agencies involved in animal care in the United States and around the globe. For
The first thing anyone ever notices about Jenny Vidbel is her smile. It's the purest smile I've ever seen. It emanates from a soul steeped in genuine gratitude, abundant joy and love for her craft.
Have you ever wondered what it may be like to get inside the head of an animal? No really, to understand how an animal's brain works; ever wonder?
I once saw a male cuttlefish in a research aquarium position himself between another male and a female. On one side, the side facing the other male, a menacing pattern of dark bands flashed along the body sending a message, I assume, of his claim over the female.