animal cognition

For centuries, animals’ capacity for human-like behavior went unnoticed. Now we know they’re more like us than we thought, but we’re still not sure how to act.
A new study says goats communicate with their gaze, much like dogs and horses.
The charismatic creatures vocalize more during cooperative problem solving, a new study suggests.
If you've got a long face, a horse might notice.
In a study published in the journal Animal Cognition, researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, set out to examine
I don't see that dogs or other nonhuman animals (animals) greeting a friend(s) after a short absence says much about whether or not they remember that an individual(s) had just been there.
I have a three-inch scar on my right forearm from when a caiman (a horribly ignored exotic "pet" I was involved in rescuing) tried to separate that part of my limb from the rest of my body. The scar is now decades old but the memory is fresh.
The researchers established that cats and their owners heavily influence one another, often to the extent that they control