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A new study says goats communicate with their gaze, much like dogs and horses.
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Though whether he'll use his powers for good or evil, we can't say.
Scientists studying Koko the gorilla witnessed a range of remarkable vocal behaviors.
Now scientists have new information about the level of detail in the songs that bowhead whales sing to one another when they are migrating into the Beaufort Sea each spring.
For so long our collective view of wolves has been negative and we may think of them with fear. However, these beautiful creatures are actually very skittish, sweet, and gentle beings that are here to teach us about leadership and partnership.
The act of "sharing breath" signifies an exchange of life energy and touches upon the deeper meaning of "Aloha" in Hawaii.
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if we could talk to the animalsWhat if you could spend your summers swimming with dolphins in turquoise seas? Behavioral biologist Denise Herzing does just that. In this beautiful video, meet some of the dolphins she's befriended along the way.
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And unlike some reunions you may have attended, this one seemed to have no family drama at all. Enjoy. Via Joan Young At
When we adopt an animal, people pat us on the back and congratulate us for saving a life. How noble! How selfless! How silly. Anyone who has adopted an animal knows that choosing the animal is seldom a part of the process.
M. scabrinodis pupae create brief pulses of sound by scraping their hind leg against a specialized spike on their abdomen
Although some people prefer to think that language is solely the province of people, we are finding that more and more animal species have language in their own right.
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The question isn't, "Do other species communicate?" Instead, the question is, "Why can't we understand each other?" A paper published this week may show that we're not the only animal wishing we could talk with a species other than our own.
Can any human speak even one word of another animal's language? No, but perhaps it's better that way, because if we could speak to them, how would we explain our systematic use and abuse of all the other species?
By Nicholas St. Fleur Researchers have speculated that the noises come from vibrations in the vocal folds of the elephant
Last Sunday was fun. I was one of three judges at Go Dog Go, a fundraiser held by Pause Dog Boutique to support dog rescue efforts.
"If I copy a signature whistle of an animal, does the animal react?" Janik said. "Is it actually possible to address someone
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