animal emotions

What happens when people are reunited with the wild animals with which they forged a deep bond years ago? Will these gorillas, elephants, cheetahs and chimpanzees still recognize their human caregivers and how will they react?
"It's an enigmatic and delightful behavior but also a very complex behavior."
Almost four years ago, I wrote an essay called "Do Wild Animals Suffer From PTSD and Other Psychological Disorders?" in which I summarized much of what we knew then about PTSD and other psychological disorders in nonhuman animals (animals).
If people want to justify eating other animals they ought to come straight about what we know about the emotional lives of other animals from detailed comparative scientific research, and not make thoroughly vacuous claims to support their meal plans.
Photo credit: Jeff Rotman via Getty Images Here’s a scientific one and an anecdotal one. A research team in Portugal found
Which brings me back to Lawrence Anthony, and the countless stories that have come down through the years about the deep
So here are five things I got from Temple Grandin that can greatly benefit us all: Most of all, we need to learn how to observe
Stacy Wolf, a lawyer with the ASPCA and senior vice president of the organization's anti-cruelty group, has a more modest
So on Monday, October 1, is World Vegetarian Day--the kickoff for Vegetarian Awareness Month than runs throughout October. If you've been toying with the idea of going vegetarian, then let me be your cheerleader, and let the following lists inform and inspire! Good luck...and please share your journey!
As someone who has spent (happily) most of my life with and around animals, I grow more and more convinced that we have more in common with our fellow inhabitants of the Earth than we may imagine.
What would the world's reaction be if the New York Times' lead story tomorrow were "Chickens Understand That Their Throats are About to Be Slit" or "Horrific Confinement and Deprivation Feels Same to Pigs as It Does to Humans"?
While the mystery of consciousness, nonhuman and human remains, we have made great advances in reducing the explanatory gap.
Nonhuman animals (animals) are magnificent and amazing beings. Surely we have no right to intrude wantonly into the lives of other animals or to judge them or blame them for our evil ways.
How should humans balance the interests or right to life of individuals of one species with those of another?
Author Jonathan Balcombe offers moving insight into the animal mind and underscore the moral implications of what we have learned from the close study of animal behavior.
Words need to mean something, so if you eat oysters you're not a vegetarian. The last time I looked, oysters were animals not plants or byproducts.