Animal Farm

The author picked a very specific line from "Animal Farm" to describe the two world leaders.
From fake massacres to spying household appliances, Kellyanne Conway is the perfect smokescreen for the Trump Administration.
How many hours did I waste reading silly books or studying things that have little or no value to me today?
Amen. Of course a classic utilitarian issue is the famous Trolley problem and what's Baggini's solution to that? The decision
In essay after essay -- skip most of the fiction; he's no master -- Orwell writes clean, satisfying prose, what he liked to think of as "prose like a windowpane." These essays mattered then. If you can connect some dots, you'll see they matter now.
Although attempts to ban books are very disappointing, the reasons behind why people have tried to do so are worth exploring and create an excellent starting point for discussion and debate among readers.
Truthfully? I want to be protected from the monetizers as much as I want to be protected from the snoops -- although I can make a better case for the snoops.
Every year, I get rebellious while teaching Animal Farm; I can't help it. I see the similarities between the corruption of power and our present educational system, and I feel the intense desire to shout "Rebellion!" from the roof tops.
Undercover reporting at animal farms has exposed violent, though often legal, practices. Industry groups have pushed back with "ag gag" laws criminalizing the videos. Privacy rights, whistleblower protections, and public health are all at stake.
Animal rights activist Taylor Radig joins HuffPost Live to tell her story.