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Ian Ellis was birdwatching in Lincolnshire (lincoln-sheer), noticed a herd of cows gathered around a 5-day-old seal that had waddled into the muddy field and become stuck.
Jiayou, indeed. Nice work, tortoise! According to The Dodo, these two tortoises live in Taipei, Taiwan, and the children
This orphaned rhino has made an unexpected friend. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter The rhino seems to mimic the
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter H/T Good News Network WATCH the story, above. This is the classic story of a dog
White Boy was reunited with his owners soon after his rescue, reported ABC News. Bug bites and bloody paws aside, he was
They look like two little kids having fun. Usually nothing. But every now and then, you might witness the magical spark of
Blame it on laziness. Make it a statement of dominance. Even chock it up to the better view. Either way you look at it, this
Hakuna matata, everyone! These guys aren't the first feline-bovine pair we've fallen for, though. Last year we couldn't get
Sometimes cuddle buddies are found in unexpected places. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Watch the adorable video
"Fighting like cats and dogs" takes on a totally new meaning in this household.
The saying goes: Birds of a feather flock together. But sometimes animals form the most unlikely and adorable friendships.
At least for now. While at the moment this unlikely couple spend their days chewing the greenery and paddling in kiddie pools
When a dog befriends a little wobbly kitten it makes for the cutest of friendships. "Ever since Ralphee was brought home
If you think animals, even different animals, can't be friends with each other, you may be in need of some heart melting.
H/T: Tastefully Offensive But don't worry! An itty bitty kitten named Iben really wants to play with the big dogs, but he
Richardson warns that lions may be the next endangered species because of the damage to their habitat, and hopes to use his
When YouTube user 'Mallinds', introduced his cat Ned to a pair of ferrets at just a few weeks old, the animals immediately
There's something about hedgehogs that make them inherently funny and adorable all at once. It might be their wee lil' hands
Self-trained animal behaviorist and lion whisperer Kevin Richardson has some unorthodox practices for dealing with large