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The Moscow Times reports the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors say he was found to be perfectly healthy
Amy Jung and her son Ethan adopted their cat Pudding on a whim in February from their local Humane Society. Just a few hours later, the 21-pound feline became a hero.
Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Kabang is Indonesian. If you are interested in a adopting
Dierickx, 48, was observing the lioness and her pride as they prepared to cross a riverbed in Botswana. When a threatening
"We all believe that if it wasn’t for Bear he would have sunk down,” Drauch said. “It was incredible to see Bear holding
When Cindy first arrived, she didn't want to leave her newborn kittens. “Mommy and baby kitties are all doing fine, but it
"Within my ethnic group, it is believed that one of our ancestors was protected that way. It is a legend that a baby was
At another memorial, Staff Sgt. Robert Calhoun, an MWD handler spoke of his deceased partner Rony. “All I ever wanted was
On the first anniversary of the tornado, the city will come together in a "walk of unity" as they remember the steadfast
Sometimes you rescue a cat, and sometimes that cat rescues you right back. Talk to a few of New York City's ACR volunteers and you will hear amazing tales of cats that have entered the lives of their human adopters and changed them for the better.