animal intelligence

An Oklahoma City woman says she caught her "gold diggin" dog Princess in the act at a drive-thru.
The market owner won't sell octopus products after playing hide-and-seek with a friendly cephalopod.
"We cannot (and do not) make any claims about how intelligent they are."
Like toolmaking, teaching was once thought to be an exclusive capacity of the human mind. It's not, but teaching is rare, and teachers are an elite group.
When it comes to the brain, bigger isn't always better.
The exhibit houses eight orangutans of assorted sizes, ages and temperaments who scamper up, down and around an environment
Scientists studying Koko the gorilla witnessed a range of remarkable vocal behaviors.
What we are trying to do is to get a better understanding of who pigs are. Not necessarily where they stack up against others
"We've described chimpanzee behavior facing a dangerous situation never described before," Marie Cibot, a doctoral student
In contrast, previous research showed that humans who performed the memory task could remember that little red dot when tested
Since Aristotle and long before, people who have been privileged to spend time observing and interacting with elephants have expressed similar sentiments.