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Animal lovers will enjoy this week's Day1 radio program--the 6th in our "Faith & Science in the 21st Century" series. The Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Duff addresses the topic of genetics through a biblical understanding of our relationships with animals, and reveals some serious issues we all must wrestle with.
I am feeling embarrassed even as I write this, but, well, we have whiskers, they have whiskers. It is time for the cold war between men and cats to end.
Actor Guy Pearce joins HuffPost Live to talk about his wide range of acting roles.
After I saw 22 Jump Street, I noted publicly that, while it was funnier than 21 Jump Street, so was my root canal. (Although the latter did include laughing gas.) Still, the bar wasn't particularly high.
Remember: Disney is a giant playground. You can either play well with others or go home crying. Your choice.
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As spiritual beings, we must see our humanity as distinct from the animal kingdom, but we also dare not dismiss that humans are a part of the animal continuum and we too must respect the animal world of which we are a significant, but still only one, part.
There aren't many actresses -- make that "artists" -- that would slip into a Cuckoo bird outfit in an effort to illuminate the lesser-known facts about the animal kingdom, but thank goodness Isabellla Rossellini is up for it.
This week our playlist includes music by Cowboy Junkies, Sufjan Stevens, Muse, Judy Garland, Salt 'N' Pepa, Bob Schneider and more.
The body of the feline is being sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing. Male lions selfishly
Before I could think it through, I reached for my credit card and phoned the number on the screen. I knew I had to do it immediately because there were only 6,003 Tan Towels left, and their phone lines were lighting up.
But the costume violated Disney guest policy, which is available for public viewing on the company's website. Disney prohibits
The organism, a type of protozoan, was found by researchers in a lake near Oslo. Protozoans have been known to science since
The researchers detailed their work yesterday (April 27) in the journal PLoS ONE. To find out whether rats could out-bite
It was one of the most wonderful and unique starts to an interview ever: Within a minute, Willem was speaking in the incomprehensible babble of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil. And then in Italian. Two of the world's finest languages!
Something is strange in these wild terrains, though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what. The hippopotamus and lemur