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Lawyers reveal — then retract — plan for more wall in Arizona and California, according to a court filing, Bloomberg reports.
BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen have distanced themselves from the studies or apologized.
His owner in Louisiana says he plans to get another big cat.
In these brutal mass killings, organized as "contests," participants compete to shoot as many coyotes as they can. Males
What sets the case of Kristen Lindsey apart is that she was a licensed veterinarian at the time of this horrific and heartless killing -- someone who had vowed under oath to protect animals and their welfare, and to prevent their suffering.
The different outcomes in these two cases show that our laws are catching up to where we are as a society, but until animals
"Adopt, don't shop" is a common mantra in the animal protection world. There's so much behind those three little words. It's
We've seen it before with the wild mustang horse roundups, the hunting of wolves, coyotes and other predators, black bear hunts and now Yellowstone Park is going to send over 900 bison to slaughter to appease local cattle ranchers.