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Get ready for a lot of tail wagging, purring, and melodious chirping, because these tiny home upgrades from animal loving bloggers have made some pets very happy. Here are some DIY ideas that they won't be able to get enough of.
By Donna Sapolin Favoring What Looks Familiar In an article for Psychology Today, Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at
Animals celebrate Valentine's Day all year long, and they're probably doing a better job at wooing a lover than you are. Take
HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series we are looking at how pets help us through life's obstacles with the power of their unconditional love.
In the pages of One Big Happy Family, you will read about some pretty incredible combinations, from a chicken caring for
We don't know if photographer Monty Sloan has meat-flavored breath, treats in his pockets or love potion in his hair, but
Love really knows no bounds. (Image uploaded by CreamLincoln) In the animal kingdom, affection can take many different forms
The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life -- and your well-being -- off course. GPS
Some might call the book sappy. You know, I would probably call the book sappy. But I don't really care.