Animal print

The Réalisation Par skirt first gained popularity on Instagram, but now it (and various iterations) -- is popping up all over the place.
Animal prints -- chic, fresh and understated? Yes, you heard us. The growl of the predator female is simply not the point. The new way to wear these prints, whether they're leopard, snake or cheetah, is not to go for naughty but for nice.
Not one to hold back from the truth, Glassman says animal print can either be really good -- or really bad. "This is when
Wildlife motifs are poised to become 2015's top interior design trend. Animal accents are the most-searched decor trend from
From the streets of LA to the runways of New York, it seems like printed pants are the new It item, and the options are endless. From florals and tribal patterns to simply sweet prints, everyone is sure to find the perfect pair to match their unique personality.
The Chessington World of Adventures instated the new rule today, shortly after debuting its new ZUFARI attraction. As spokeswoman
While this stylish mom and runway model shows that a smile and graciousness can be the greatest accessories, when you have a chance to ape her style, why not go for it?
In a statement, school officials said the letter was "well intended" but "poorly worded." Noyes described the decision as
Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint on two coats of CND Brillant White. Step 2: Use an eyeshadow applicator and CND
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