animal rescues

“She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around."
A baby elephant was rescued from a muddy pit last week thanks to the hard work of residents of southern India's Kerala state
An abandoned dog led animal rescuers to a litter of 10 sick puppies and their mother in Dallas, Texas, last Tuesday. The
Without a radiograph machine, determining if bones are broken on a bird the size of a robin is a real challenge, but Melanie is an expert. Mary held the bird while Melanie gently palpated the bones of the wings, spine and legs. To her relief, no fractures presented.
White Boy was reunited with his owners soon after his rescue, reported ABC News. Bug bites and bloody paws aside, he was
This is one heroic hound. Jax and his owner Rick Sauer were fishing on a lake in Connecticut when Sauer saw a baby bird fly
Police officers aren't just here to protect and serve humans. Whether it's a family of ducks in need or a dog trapped neck
That's because the terrier mix pup, who was found on the side of the road, was in a Los Angeles high-kill shelter where quick
In another dramatic rescue video filmed this week, a 4-year-old boy is pulled from the second floor of a destroyed home by
After saving Diablo, firefighters kept him warm in their truck until the Humane Society arrived to check the dog out, according
"This little boy is already larger than many men," commented Aline Ropelli. This incident, captured by photographer Rafaela
Then, in late May, little Justin met the "cone of shame" to keep him from playing with his stitches. But his recovery and
"That kind of just reinforces your belief in nature," Werner said, according to a Columbus State Community College press
The kitten's muffled meows could be heard by staffers at the Presidents Hall of Fame, according to Yahoo! News' The Sideshow
Firefighters and rescue workers have saved thousands of lives over the last two days -- both human and animal. As Hurricane
"That's rewarding seeing life come back into their eyes," Tawnee Preisner of the Horse Plus Humane Society told KHSL at the
Photos and captions courtesy of Farm Sanctuary unless otherwise noted. Unlike some pigs in China, most animals can't make
Instead, a male deer had inadvertently gone for a morning swim. Video of the incident shows he had no trouble swimming -- he