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The Oklahoma animal wrangler hired two supposed hit men to kill Carole Baskin, founder of Florida's Big Cat Rescue.
The cow and her calf will spend the rest of their days at an animal sanctuary.
The African grey interacts with the virtual assistant up to 40 times a day, asking it to tell him jokes and play his favorite music.
Big cat handler Joe Exotic has been indicted in a bizarre criminal case.
“Best friends” José and Liso had been rescued from a circus and relocated to South Africa only a year earlier.
My favorite family tradition, which we started a few years ago, is this: on Christmas day, after all of the gifts are opened
As long as there is that need, however, and there are people around the country who are willing to assist, we'll be getting
One of the reasons animal cruelty is so shocking is because these atrocities stand in stark contrast to the values of our culture and communities. In January, that cruelty reached a horrific scale during our rescue of nearly 700 animals
In the woods of Minnesota, lies a beautiful sanctuary where rescued wildcats go to live happy, carefree lives. This beautiful story is about The Wildcat Sanctuary and an unbelievable friendship that formed there.
There was a time in my life where I didn't think twice about the souls of animals. Hell, I have even shot at squirrels and
Lisa LaVerdiere is the Executive Director of Home For Life Animal Sanctuary, which is small but mighty, and she knows that a small sanctuary can make a big difference.
Farm Sanctuary spokesperson Meredith Turner couldn't give The Huffington Post many details about the Stewarts' reported farm