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The 'Tiger King' star was convicted last year of trying to arrange the killing of Florida animal sanctuary founder Carole Baskin.
The Oklahoma animal wrangler hired two supposed hit men to kill Carole Baskin, founder of Florida's Big Cat Rescue.
The cow and her calf will spend the rest of their days at an animal sanctuary.
The African grey interacts with the virtual assistant up to 40 times a day, asking it to tell him jokes and play his favorite music.
Big cat handler Joe Exotic has been indicted in a bizarre criminal case.
“Best friends” José and Liso had been rescued from a circus and relocated to South Africa only a year earlier.
For me, as for so many others, the best part of this holiday season is time with family and the spirit of giving. I would
He was the product of captive breeding, taken from his mother at two weeks of age. He was then shipped across state lines