Animal Science

If you have a dog, you probably already suspected this.
The Star Azy (and a long time research subject) was already in the studio when the audience was seated. Behind the studio
For starters, giant pandas expend about 38 percent of the same energy as compared to other creatures of the same body mass. To maintain such a low metabolism, they do indeed move slowly.
The animals didn't quite ace the test. In fact, average memory span across all species was a paltry 27 seconds. Bees' memories
When Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, he noted that many of its animal inhabitants were so unafraid of people
Talk about dogged research. Earth's magnetic field changes as a result of the sun's gravity on Earth's atmosphere, solar
A new eye-movement study from the University of Helsinki in Finland showed that dogs recognize us in images too. Wild. What
9. Don't give up easily. Need inspiration to keep going? Salmon swim for thousands of miles upstream, somehow making their
Not only do the snakes serve an important role in their ecosystem, but by eating rodents, they also help tamp down diseases