animal sounds

In nearly every language, we're pretty clear that cats say something along the lines of "meow."
Comedian, artist and voice actor Rudi Rok has a very special talent -- animal noises. He can impersonate up to 30 different
From Mother Nature Network's Laura Moss: Squirrels, pigeons and the occasional raccoon or opossum are about the extent of
With only the excised larynx, the researchers could not test for the AMC method because it requires neural messages for the
Researchers at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, wanted to know whether penguins near a fight picked up
We all have our special talents, but some are more, um, unusual than others. Take, for instance, YouTube user jalparis008
"Our results support the growing and controversial evidence that social context plays a role in shaping vocal communication
A few weeks ago we posted a video of a boy who could do amazing animal noises, but today we've discovered this awesome video