animal torture

I'm proud that we can offer this eye-opening insight into what happens on the trapline. Some people won't be able to watch
A popular soy sauce brand has been engaging in torturous animal research to back up health claims it makes about its products
One soulful picture captures the painful torture that farming can inflict on orangutans. Back in 2010, a mother orangutan
This just in: An update in the world of bizarre, awful and ridiculous ways of treating animals. Dog spinning.
A Facebook group tirelessly working to stop the event The world is full of cruel, barbaric acts and images -- what with ISIS
A 22-year-old Hoffman Estates man was sentenced Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court to 30 months probation and 240 hours
Kittens, brutality, fetish videos, and dogfighting--these aren't the elements of a twisted cable-television show; they're
I had read about this before -- "art" that involves torturing animals -- but had no idea it was so popular. Here, the word