Animal Uprising

The "Anyone But You" actor told Jimmy Fallon that the crew thought she was "making really serious dramatic choices" in a scene intended to be funny.
Blasting underwater tunes to try and keep killer whales away is a bad idea for multiple reasons, a researcher says.
Matt Leffers went swimming at Serene Lakes in Placer County, only to be bitten at least a dozen times — and be hospitalized with 40 puncture wounds.
The animal shelter staff couldn't figure out why doors were mysteriously open. The answer was a cat named Grimsen.
Otter 841, a furry pirate with a surfboard fixation, is on the lam in California.
One scientist suggested the yacht-damaging fad might be “leapfrogging” from a southern killer whale population.
Building managers have put up two signs saying, “Warning! Beware of falcons. Parents will attack to protect babies on building ledge. Take a different path.”
Experts say the phenomenon may have started after a female killer whale had a traumatic encounter with a vessel at sea.