Animal Uprising

First responders to a 911 call in Pasadena, California, were met with an estimated 30,000-40,000 aggressive bees.
The alleged thief gets to keep the toys because there's too much slobber on them for donation purposes.
The big birds are reportedly causing mayhem in the aptly named township of Toms River.
The brash bovines have been tearing up lawns, scaring people and nearly causing car accidents, residents of a San Jose, California, neighborhood say.
Dozens of the large black birds are reportedly defecating and vomiting all over a New York couple's pricy Florida house.
Jamie Bisceglia told HuffPost she couldn't get the animal's beak to dislodge. "It was like a prong.”
"I instinctively held my breath, assuming that it would dive down again and spit me out somewhere."
The octopus-wielding pinniped appears to be a New Zealand fur seal.
These goats on the lam were supposed to be working when they were found eating up a quiet suburban street.